Karen Burkett
Karen Burkett

I’m back!

This is the first post in a long while, but I’m hoping to stay in touch from this point on. The Lord seems to be nudging me to work on our website and I’ve been busy doing just that! First, we have an all new look. Hope you like it! Please take a few minutes to browse. Check out the updated news page. Headline news from a number of different sources – all with a Christian perspective. I’ve added a number of blogs in addition to this one. They are divided by general topics: family, christian living, worldview. More to come! Hope you’ll find some you like. And be sure to check out From the Heart of Dixie.

Today I added several Christian devotions. Point to “Devotions” and you’ll get a drop-down list to choose from. We still have our delightful devotions for kids. I’ve added two from Acts International: Daily Encounter and Weekend Encounter and another from Worthy. Bookmark your favorites and come back every day for more encouragement and refreshment.

Lots more to come. Would appreciate your comments!


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