Teaching Positions and more

I received an email from Landry Academy telling about openings for Christian teachers. Here is the link to learn more: http://landryacademy.com/faculty.html.

From their website:

We are currently accepting applications from passionate people interested in teaching our online classes or traveling the country teaching our two-day lab “intensives”.

We contract with top-notch teachers and “intensives” teachers on a per class / per Intensive basis. We compensate our online teachers and “intensives” teachers very generously for their hard work and expertise in delivering excellent courses and “intensives”. We are seeking people with these qualifications:

1. Expertise and passion in a subject area acquired through formal education and/or experience. We do not require formal certification.

2. Are actively involved in a local Christian church and demonstrate a Christian faith. Before contracting with you, we do ask for recommendation letters from church leaders (and others), and we require that you sign our basic Statement of Christian Faith.

3. That you have a heart and gifting for teaching young people, and also see your teaching as a ministry.

Please share your thoughts or questions!

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