Movie Reviews

As Christians, we might ask ourselves, “Should I see that movie? How about this new game my teenager is wanting? Is that video OK for my 6-year-old?” We try to assess if it has too much bad language, too many offensive sex scenes, too much violence, or too many bad life examples for our kids.

Where do we draw the line? How much is too much?

If we compare movies or television programming or even music today with that of a decade or two decades ago, most of us are horrified to realize how far we’ve come. With  gradually increased exposure to explicit sex, mockery of Christianity, homosexuality,  occultic phenomena, and violence beyond imagination, our threshold of tolerance has increased. Things that at one time we would never have considered watching or listening to have somehow become acceptable. Our scorecard of “how much is too much” has changed dramatically. We have allowed ourselves to be conditioned.

Perhaps instead of “how much is too much,” we should ask ourselves, “Is this a positive thing for our lives or our children’s lives? Does it teach us something? Does it leave us with worthwhile thoughts or ideas? Is it healthy, harmless entertainment? Would we invite Jesus to watch it or listen to it with us?”

In Philippians 4:8  we are admonished to “Fix your thoughts on what is true and honorable and right. Think about things that are pure and lovely and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise” (NLT). Let this, instead of “how much bad is too much,” be our guide.

One way we can know which movies or videos or music are positive and worthwhile is through Christian movie reviews, Christian video reviews, and Christian music reviews. In checking the Internet, I found many excellent sites offering such services, but some stood out to me as being especially worthy. I have listed a few of the sites that seem to approach their reviews and comments from a heartfelt biblical perspective. I hope that you find them helpful. Please check them out here.

Karen Burkett

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