Is Drama Ministry for You?

masksHave you ever considered starting a drama ministry? Some people have concerns.

Sometimes Christians have been wary of using drama. “Can it be right to communicate in this way?” they ask. Others may happily use drama for children, but consider it has no relevance for communicating to adults.” Internet Evangelism Day

Be sure to read the rest of this illuminating article from Internet Evangelism Day: “Eternal Significance of Drama.” I think you will be able to lay those concerns aside. In fact, I hope you will be ready to forge ahead and start that ministry!

Drama can be an effective tool to minister to share the gospel . . . and to minister to the needs of believers. In fact, God sometimes works through drama to reach people who can’t be reached any other way.

Whether you are just considering a drama ministry or have an established one, please visit my page of links to Christian Drama Resources. You’ll find myriad links to scripts . . . resources for drama workshops . . . a blog with terrific ideas . . . and much more.

I’d love to hear about your drama ministry. Do you have a testimony I can share on the website? Or perhaps you can suggest other links for the page. Please get in touch!

Please share your thoughts or questions!

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