Christian Affiliate Opportunities

Affiliate Marketing Green Blue SquaresChristian/family affiliate programs can provide some nice extra income—and promote worthwhile products and services at the same time. Many businesses are using affiliates to help promote their services or products. It is usually free to become an affiliate and you earn a percentage of any business you refer. If you have a website and would like some extra income, affiliate programs might be an answer. Some points to consider when selecting Christian affiliate programs to join:

  • Percentage of commission
  • Price of product or service
  • Is there residual income? (Some services such as long distance providers or Website hosts charge monthly. Will you receive an on-going percentage of their monthly fees?)
  • Is there a bonus for recruiting other affiliates?
  • Do you get a percentage of your sub-affiliates sales? For how many levels?
  • For you to get credit, does the customer have make a purchase on their initial visit or does the company save the record from the first time the customer enters from your site so that if they go directly into the company site at a later time you still earn a commission?
  • Is the product or service something you feel good about representing? Will it sell?
  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Does the company provide marketing aids such as banners, sample text ads, etc?

One last thought—if you decide to build an affiliate business, develop a good plan for keeping records. It’s easy to sign up and sign up until you don’t even know who you represent! Slow down and get organized! Prayerfully select the ones you will represent and then go for it!

You can find a list of affiliate opportunities on Find Christian Links. Please send me feedback on how they work for you. If you are familiar with a Christian affiliate program you’d like to see on the list, please let me know!

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