“Why Israel Matters”


flag-israelIsrael is at the center of biblical history. Israel is at the center of biblical prophecy. And Israel is at the center of world events today as we watch the fulfillment of those prophecies unfold.

Christians in Defense of Israel (CIDI) and Liberty Counsel are offering us two ways to learn more about why Israel matters to the world today . . . to the church . . . and to each of us.  The first is an exciting TV series called Why Israel Mattersfeatured on TBN. CIDI describes the series this way:

Why Israel Matters is an original series presented by Christians in Defense of Israel and Liberty Counsel in association with Impact Productions and TBN. Why Israel Matters explores the many facets of the Holy Land, from ancient to modern Israel. From the novice to the expert, each viewer will learn something new and exciting about Israel. Full of moving stories, thought-provoking questions, and inspiring takeaways, this original series will strengthen the viewers’ faith and empower viewers to thoughtfully engage in the global conversation about Israel.

See a summary of all thirteen episodes.

See Airing Schedule

Ask for your free booklet: “Why Israel Matters to You and Your Family

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Their second presentation is an exciting new book by Matthew Staver with John Aman.

Click here to learn more about the book and place your order.

“This lavishly illustrated guide to all things Israel reveals why Israel is so significant to the Muslim world, the global economy, America, the church, and you.”

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