Are you living free?

logoLiving Free is a non-profit organization that helps people overcome life-controlling problems. When we hear “life-controlling problems,” we may think of issues such as substance abuse or gambling or pornography addictions. Those are definitely life-controlling problems, but how about anger . . . depression . . . grief . . . and similar issues? If any of these issues get out of hand, they can control our lives as well. Even good things like work, ministry, or ambition can take over our lives if they become too important to us.

Living Free offers small group training and curriculum that address these and other issues. I served on their staff a few years ago and ever since have continued doing some contract writing for them. I never cease to marvel how God works through Living Free to change lives. When you read below about some of the exciting things He is doing, you may think that the Living Free staff is in the thousands, or at least in the hundreds. No, just a few people based in a small, simple, office complex. But they are joined by “tens of thousands of local team leaders, facilitators, trainers, representatives, support staff, donors, directors, and prayer partners. This team extends across international boundaries with members living on every inhabited continent.”

I’d like to share some excerpts from a letter I just received describing some highlights of the past few months of Living Free ministry.

The United States and Canada: State and local governments are asking churches to help with the addicted. 230 counties are establishing Living Free. The goal is 2000 counties by 2024.

India: Living Free allied ministries are developing in Mumbai and Ludhiana (Punjab). In Punjab 70% of the youth abuse drugs. Living Free will be used by churches to help those looking for freedom.

The Philippines: The government has threatened addicts with death if they do not find help. Many churches are using Living Free to bring hope to these desperate persons.

Caribbean: The first Living Free groups are meeting in the Cayman Islands. Spanish language groups meet in Antigua, and Living Free training was done in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Australia:  Living Free is offered as an alternative sentencing program in the courts serving the indigenous people in rural areas. Two new locations were established in March.

Undisclosed: Groups meet in 4 countries hostile to Christians. One friend of Living Free narrowly escaped death when his automobile was riddled by shrapnel from a car bomb.

The letter also revealed just a few of many events on the Living Free horizon.

250 African leaders from 10 countries will be trained in Rwanda in late April.

8000 churches in one African country are considering adopting Living Free.

Training is scheduled in Belarus to establish nonresidential rehabilitation ministry.

Three leaders are working to begin Living Free ministry in Greece.

Living Free training is scheduled in Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, and other Balkan countries.

Please visit the Living Free website to learn more about this ministry, and consider getting involved! Here are a few ways . . .

  • Find out how your church or other ministry could reach more people and open the door for God to change their lives. Living Free says, “It can happen–and it can start with you.”
  • Perhaps you are involved in a small group and looking for suitable curriculum. Browse through the terrific selection of topics available from the Living Free online store.
  • Consider subscribing to Living Free Every Day® devotions. You’ll receive a short devotion by email every weekday based on the various curriculums. Join the thousands of people are finding encouragement for themselves and a good word to share with others.

Please share your thoughts or questions!

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