Please join me . . .

The Christian Church is under attack around the world. Almost daily we see end time prophecies being fulfilled. We must band together as Christians to encourage one another . . . to pray for one another . . . to glorify God in all we do . . . and to reach the lost.
I have started a blog that I hope will help draw believers together to pray for ministries around the world. And that’s the name of the blog . . .

I am posting praise reports and prayer requests I am receiving from ministries around the world. And more and more people are following the blog so they can join me in praying for these ministries. I hope you will join us.

“Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers
for all believers everywhere.”
Ephesians 6:18 NLT

Here are just a few examples of the ministries we are praying for:

From Bungoma, Kenya


Sister Irene looking at the new borehall being dug. We pray and hope to finish it as God enables.

Due to a big need for clean, safe domestic Water in the area, BY FAITH we started digging another Borehole Well as we expect the Lord to complete it; The Borehole is expected to go down over 40 feet and needs Culverts, Cementing and a Manual or Electric Pump and possibly Storage. All by His Spirit…

Read more.


From Andhra Pradesh, India

Sharing the Gospel

Beloved Sister, Reaching the unreached with the good news of gospel of Christ with a great burden. I drove along with our team to many houses in the Tribal villages by walk to share the good news which change their lives. I know many people are perishing without knowing the gospel. The villages that we minister don’t have facilities for proper  living. They eat wild roots and honey most etc. . In our second visit one of the village ‘GANDIKOTA’ we have distributed provisions (Rice & Dhal). They are so excited. It’s our spiritual responsibility to share the good news to the unreached and people who didn’t hear the gospel for the first time in their life. It’s challenging thing because I worked among Non-Christians . And I was financially week. I request each and every one to pray for the efforts that we have been doing in difficult areas for the extension of the Kingdom.  Read more.

From Visakhapatnam City, India

Water project in 2016. By God’s grace, they were able to reach out to even more people this year.

WATER PROJECT to HINDUS & MUSLIMS (Non Christians) who can read in our Language (Telugu). By this Project many came to the knowledge of CHRIST and wanted to WALK in the LIGHT. Pray that these people stand for Christ in these end days.

Read more.



From Pakistan


Hello, I want tell you about the Pakistani Christian peoples how spend spiritual life in Pakistan. They don’t know about God and Bible but they are just naming Christian but they nothing know about Christianity but I am go there and tell about the God and Bible and now they know what is importance of God in our life. Now they accept the Jesus Christ. I am work outreach peoples.

I invite you to browse through the many posts already there and follow the blog so you can join me and others in praying for these ministries. And tell others about this prayer opportunity.

“Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers
for all believers everywhere.”
Ephesians 6:18 NLT


  1. Thanks very much Karen Burkett, for this link ” Find Christian Link,” is a very good initiative. It can work well for those of us who don’t have Websites.I will be sending my prayer request from our church. I am overseeing 14 churches around our Nation of Malawi. May the good Lord bless you. Bishop Henry Banda, Malawi.


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