The Real Cost of Money

by Guest Blogger Dr. Chonta T. A. Haynes

Chonta_2-15-20Money makes the world go around or does it make us drown in pride, selfishness and debt?

The subject of money seems taboo.  We don’t want to talk about it with our aging parents or our friends.  We hold onto it as if our life depends on it or we squander it anticipating that someone will ride in on a white horse and pay off all of our irresponsible behavior.

Let’s get real.  Money gives us our security, puts our minds at ease and affords a sense of dignity.  Why we don’t talk about it or get educated so that we can handle it responsibly?  Several factors play into our emotional state around this subject and we have to recognize it’s not just paper.

The Bible tells us to be anxious for nothing.  This should include our financial situation.  Since the Bible discusses money frequently, we as believers should be examples for others to follow.  Unfortunately, that isn’t necessarily the case.

73% of Americans are dying in poverty.  80% of Americans are in debt.  If 50% of the population declares themselves to be Christian, then at least 23% are dying in poverty and 30% are in debt.  As Christ followers we need financial wisdom for financial freedom.

It all starts with mindset

The wisdom book tells us to not be conformed to this world but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:2).  Many are falling prey to the sabotaging system of the world and thereby losing peace.

If our mindset shifts to following what God’s word proclaims and we also stand on His promises, then abundant living is our destiny.

The world’s thoughts look like this:

  • I’m afraid I won’t have money in the future so I hoard what I have. I’m stingy and won’t give.
  • I’m entitled to have this and since I want it, I’ll take it today. I’ve worked or my parents have so I’m owed.
  • The world revolves around me. If I’m not happy then no one should be.  I deserve to be happy.
  • I have to keep up with everyone on Instagram. My life should match or exceed that of others.
  • Whatever it takes for me to have, I’ll do. I’m struggling so integrity and character go out the window.
  • I can handle money. I don’t need instructions.  I don’t need anyone telling me what to do.
  • Well honestly, you only live once so I need to enjoy it.

The world’s system has many in modern day slavery trying to make bricks without straw.  Struggling single family households stretch the dollar to pay for necessities but sometimes don’t categorize luxuries accurately.  We use the convenience of credit cards and debit cards to buy now what we can’t afford with the false expectation that in the future we will have it covered.  Our government continues kicking the can to the future generations as debt continues to mount at a rate we can’t envision.  Credit card companies have found a way to invest their money and get 20% interest and that’s getting you to pay them. Most companies have their hand out to collect what seems a small amount monthly but the bill adds up. We are addicted to high priced coffee, beauty enhancements, technology upgrades, movies on demand and the like.

So how do we get off the world’s merry-go-round?  We look to the wisdom of God!  We take control of our money and change our mindset.  We become responsible stewards.  We make decisions today with our future in mind.  We stop competing with others and recognize our journey is designed for us by God and running our race in our lane is all that’s required.  We get a financial foundation of education so that we see clearly the systems set up so we can avoid the traps.  We get a clear understanding of our income and our debt and we balance our budget. We get a plan to reverse the irresponsibility and get out of debt.  We engineer our way to financial freedom.

The result – peace, security and dignity!

The question isn’t whether we need to be educated on what the Bible says about money.  The question is when…

  • When will enough be enough?
  • When will the sleepless nights over finances rob us enough of our peace?
  • When will our relationship struggles over money force us into education?
  • When will the feeling of being trapped and isolated be enough for us to get our heads out of the sand and seek help?
  • When will the cost of anxiety, shame and/or guilt rise above the cost of the price of assistance?

All Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable… (2 Timothy 3:16)

Dr. Chonta T. A. Haynes
Heart 2 Heart Truth Ministries

#h2htruth #FinancialWisdom #NotJustPaper #BiblicalMoneyManagement

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