Christian House Sitters

By Guest Blogger Dr Ray White

Are you stuck at home due to the CoronaVirus? So am I, but once it is over I am looking forward to enjoying a lovely holiday somewhere special. You may be too.

BUT THE COST!!! And leaving your house empty carries many risks.

Don’t worry. We can help.

Christian House Sitters was started in order to provide rent-free vacations for Christians and reliable house sitters for homeowners who need someone they can trust to look after their home, pets, and garden while they are away.

Through a free registration with Christian House Sitters, we can help you go away feeling safe and secure knowing that your home is being looked after and, if necessary, your pets are being cared for and loved in their own home. Christian House Sitters offers rent-free vacation accommodation to our members all over the world.

Houseowners do not pay anything to have their property listed. House sitters are only charged £25 per year. In return for this, many enjoy numerous rent-free vacations each year.

Christian House Sitters is not a money-making business but a ministry to support the work and people of God. All fees from House Sitters membership go to support, feed and look after children at the Home of Peace Christian Children’s Home in Kenya. I hope you will visit our ministry website. You may also want to read a recent blog post telling something about the ministry’s background and giving current prayer requests.

We all enjoy travelling to new places, but accommodation can be very expensive. God designed us to take time off occasionally—we all need a holiday. Our spiritual, mental, and physical health benefits from having a break. We become more efficient as Christians and in our home and work lives. Christian House Sitters can help you do this. I hope you will visit our website to learn more about how it all works.

God bless you,


Recently Available Rent-Free Holidays through Christian House Sitters

Top Row: Gloucester England, New Zealand, Peak District England

Second Row: QLD Australia, Wisconsin USA

About Ray and Marilyn White

We are Marilyn and Ray White, a fun-loving Christian couple who have been in Christian work for over thirty years. Marilyn was born in England but moved to Zimbabwe as a baby. At the age of sixteen, she moved to South Africa. Ray was born in South Africa and grew up on a farm. We met in Johannesburg and got married in 1966.

Ray worked in business for many years. Then he worked for Youth for Christ in South Africa then went on to Bible College and pastored a church. In 1982 we moved from South Africa to England, where we now live in Somerset.

In addition to his theological training, Ray trained in psychology. Marilyn is also a trained counsellor and manager. In addition to the counselling, we trained Christian counsellors both in our local area and by invitation in other areas of the UK. In total over 700 people completed the training courses. Many are serving the Lord by working in or through their local churches. We also ran a secular Stress Management business.

We are now retired and focus our time and attention on Christian House Sitters (CHS), Home of Peace (the children’s home that is supported by CHS), TLC Children’s Trust TLC Children’s Trust (the charity that handles all the income from CHS and all funds for the children’s home).

Ray also has an active ministry preaching at various churches and running seminars by invitation. He served as a member of our Church Leadership Team for many years until we moved from Sussex to Somerset. He has written three books.

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