How I Discovered My Purpose

By Guest Blogger Pst. Ayo Daodu

Having been asking God to reveal to me my purpose in life over months, I decided to worship God and listen for His guidance thereafter in the month of August 2004. I knew if I’m to be fulfilled in life I needed an encounter with my Creator to tell me what He created me for, even though I was going to be prestigiously a medical doctor. August 16, 2004, to be precise, I was alone as usual worshipping God. After worshipping God for about twenty minutes, I stopped and sat up and I asked God to tell me my purpose for existing. Then I kept quiet. About five minutes went by and suddenly I began hearing words from inside my belly for the first time in my life. I knew I didn’t hear with my physical ears: “The gift of Joseph ended him up in My palace, the gift of David ended him up in My palace, your gift will end you up in My palace.” I immediately got up thereafter, running away from the call because I never wanted to be a pastor, understanding that His house is the palace. I thought maybe God would mention my becoming a medical doctor. About one week later I had a vision that broke me and I was singing from the spirit realm, “I will open up my heart, ready for your holy fire . . .”

I spent the remaining years of my medical school doing two major things: studying medicine and learning under anointed servants of God. I graduated from the medical school and did my one-year internship and another one-year compulsory national youth service during which I got specific details of my ministry.

Today God has built for us our church auditorium in Nigeria, and we’re debt free to the glory of God. We have maintained an altar burning hot with the anointed Word of Life, with diverse testimonies of God’s interventions. God has also shown us that He is taking us to other countries, teaching the perfection of the saints.

How do you get involved with this ministry?

1. Pray that God will open effective doors unto this ministry to continue to spread the Word of Life in ever increasing dimensions.

2. Visit:  and like and share some of the highly impactful teaching video clips.

3. Contact us and give as God leads you.

About guest blogger, Pst. Ayo Daodu

A medical doctor from one of the top federal universities in Nigeria. Called into the ministry at the age of 21 while in 200level in the medical school. Now I am gladly a full-time minister of the gospel as a pastor and an anointed teacher of the living Word of God. By the grace of God I am the founder and senior pastor of Sceptre Church International.

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